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One of the truisms of auto repair and customization is that occasionally there will be fluid leakage. Whether you are doing a simple project like changing the oil or something expansive like pulling out the stock engine and replacing it with something amazing, there is the distinct possibility that something may drip. This does not mean that your car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle has to live in a garage with an oil-stained floor.

Keep your garage, driveway, or repair bay as clean and pristine as the outside of your show vehicle with products from CarKart.

We carry a number of lubricants and absorbents which you can utilize to make your engine auto show ready and remove any evidence of engine work from the concrete below your vehicle. Choose from mats, pads, rolls, clay, and many other sorbent designs as well as chemical dispersants and cleansers. We have disposable shop towels, pig mats, fender covers, and chamois in stock and ready to ship.

Whether you work in a ten bay garage or the detached garage in the back yard, nothing says professional like a clean repair bay. Let CarKart supply you with all of the materials you need to clean up after your big projects.

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