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If you mention GPS to most people, they think of long trips in the car with the kids or of that wonderful thing attached to their dashboard which helps them get around traffic snarls. Few people remember that the original use of the Global Positioning System was to help marine traffic. While land based travel may have superseded water travel as far as the most common use of GPS devices is concerned, they are still a vital tool used by captains of cargo ships and fishing boats alike.

If only Gilligan and the Skipper had owned a GPS receiver.

CarKart has the marine devices and software to make sure that your three hour tour doesn’t turn into a scene from Cast Away. Choose from the best devices from brand names like Furuno, Garmin, Hummingbird, Minn Kota, Lowrance, and Raymarine. We not only carry receivers and output devices, but also signal boosting antennae, mounting material, chargers, winches, and harnesses. There is also a selection of digital sea charts to select from including the Aleutian Islands, Australia, the Bahamas, the California-Mexico coastline, the Caribbean, the Hawaiian Islands, the Yellow Sea, and New Zealand. CarKart literally has you covered from A to Z.

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