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DI-120 Cr Spotless Water System

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Brand: CR Spotless Water Systems
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DI-120 Cr Spotless Water System

Hard water spots can destroy your vehicle's finish. We know. That's why we created ade-ionizing system that takes out all of the minerals in your water so you can justWASH, RINSE, and WALK AWAY! With a CR Spotless Water SystemTM, you canlet your car air dry and not leave any spots behind. Besides cars, de-ionized water is perfect for washing and SPOT-FREE rinsing of yourRV, boat, golf cart, motorcycle, and house windows, too! De-ionized water is the secret sauce thatdetailers, car washes, and window cleaners have used for decades. CR Spotless was thefirst to make the same technology available to homeowners in an affordable, compact,and portable system. Work smarter, not harder and spend less time and money to getthe same professional looking results.The DI-120 Spotless Water SystemTM comes complete with one 20 inch cartridgecontaining a mixed bed of de-ionizing resin that will produce approximately 200 gallonsof mineral-free water based on an average TDS level of 200 ppm. Depending on thequality of the water where you live, you can get between 75 and 1000 gallons of deionizedwater from one resin cartridge. The DI-120 CR Spotless Water System has anintegrated stand that makes it easy to lift and carry anywhere with only one hand. All CRSpotless Water Systems also include a battery operated TDS meter that will measure thequality of the water coming out of the system. When the TDS level approaches 020ppm, it is time to replace the resin in the cartridge or insert a new, pre-filled cartridge.Replacing the resin with our pre-measured resin refill bags is easy. Simply remove thecartridges from the housings, unscrew the white cap, and empty the used resin into atrash container. Cut the corner off one of the heat-sealed nylon bags and squeeze thecontents into the cartridge. Re-attach the blue housing to your system, and you're goodto go again.

Features of DI-120 Cr Spotless Water System

  • Wash, Rinse, and Walk Away. Never hand dry again.
  • Produces De-ionized Water for spot free rinsing
  • Americas number one selling residential de-ionized water system

Specifications of DI-120 Cr Spotless Water System

BrandCR Spotless Water Systems
Item Weight27 pounds
Product Dimensions12 x 12 x 28 inches
Item model numberDI-120

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