Duragloss PreCleaner (PC) #652 - 2 PACK

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Brand: Duragloss
Model: DG-652-2PK
Availability: Coming Soon

Duragloss PreCleaner (PC) #652 - 2 PACK

Duragloss PreCleaner Is a blend of selected abrasives, which remove oxidation, scratches, and water spots. Duragloss PreCleaner is recommended for metallic paint, older cars and oxidation removal. Clear coat safe.

Features of Duragloss PreCleaner (PC) #652 - 2 PACK

  • Duragloss PreCleaner #652 polishes your vehicle to a bright, smooth shine in preparation for the application of wax. The special abrasives level the edges of swirls and scratches, and remove water spots to create a smooth, uniform shine.
  • After using Duragloss PreCleaner, the clean paint will bond better with the paint protection. Since a wax or sealant only looks as good as the paint underneath it, the smooth, polished paint will have a glossier, more reflective shine underneath your favorite last step product.

Specifications of Duragloss PreCleaner (PC) #652 - 2 PACK

Item model numberDG-652-2PK
Manufacturer Part NumberDG-652-2PK

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