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Leather Protection Cream - 17.0 Fl. Oz. (500ml)

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Brand: Furniture Clinic
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Leather Protection Cream - 17.0 Fl. Oz. (500ML)

Leather Protection Cream is a water based leather cream used to condition, protect, nourish and re-instate the aroma into old and new leather items.

As leather is used, skin oils, perspiration & grease will slowly start to attack the leather causing the it to discolor, crack and peel. This damage can be seen on most items of furniture where a person rests their hands & head, on car steering wheels or the collars of jackets appearing as a dull, dark mark.

Leather Protection Cream provides advanced barrier protection technology to help repel all oil & water based staining from leather helping to prevent the aforementioned problems from occurring.

The barrier applied to the leather will also hold general dirt & soiling on the surface making the leather much easier to clean and care for, with the added bonus of also stopping pen marks, dye transfer etc from penetrating the leathers coating. This allows such staining to be cleaned off using the 'Leather Ultra Clean' as opposed to needing specialist treatment.

The barrier also helps stop the dirt from abrading the leather; as you use leather you cause friction that slowly starts to wear the leather coating away. The protection cream acts a barrier between the leather and the dirt abrasions helping to prevent premature wear & tear.

Features of Leather Protection Cream - 17.0 Fl. Oz. (500ML)

  • 4 in 1 Leather Conditioner & Leather Protector
  • With added barrier protection technology: Feeds, nourishes, protects & re-instates the luxurious leather aroma
  • Great for furniture, cars, couches, handbags & all other leather items.
  • 16.9 Oz. is enough to cover a three piece suite around 5 times
  • Works on all colors and types of leather.

Specifications of Leather Protection Cream - 17.0 Fl. Oz. (500ML)

BrandFurniture Clinic
Item Weight1.1 pounds
Product Dimensions7.5 x 2.8 x 2.7 inches

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