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Gord's Aluminum-Chrome-Metal / Cleaner-Polish-Sealer / ALL IN ONE 16 OZ

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Brand: Gord's
Model: GAP16
UPC : 183037000165
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Gord's Aluminum-Chrome-Metal / Cleaner-Polish-Sealer / ALL IN ONE 16 OZ

Gord's Polish has "NO" temperature limitations. Gord's Polish can clean Aluminum, Chrome, & Stainless Steel at 5F to 150F degrees no matter what the outside conditions are. Use Gord's whenever you want to not waiting on the weather. Chosen the Best Professional Strength Cleaner, Polish & Sealer all in 1 process, it prevents Oxidation from returning. Gordon's Secret Polish formula has been around since December 2003, Patent # 7,427,587 •Restore Aluminum to "Like New" condition with Gord'sTM Cleaner, Polish,& Sealer all in 1 process! •Remove Surface Rust from Chrome without Scratching, and remove Yellowing from Headlights, too! •Remove Salt Water and Acid Brightener staining with Gord's uniquely formulated Polish/Sealer like none other. Gord's Polish is 15 times less abrasive then most polishes on the market today. Gord's Polish uses powerful soap based cleaning agents, not Ammonia or harmful acids to clean. Gord'sTM uses Non Abrasive components & cleaners to help cut through the grunge faster than any other. Gord'sTM is "Oil Field & Gravel Pit Tested & Approved!"" Gord'sTMhas been proven time after time to be a Universal Polish/Sealer that even Diesel Fuel & Antifreeze can't get through. Gord'sTM Cleaner - Polish - Sealer in 1 bottle has a longer lasting shine than any other Cleaner - Polish - Sealer on the market today. Gord'sTM Polish/Sealer utilizes many different Polishing & Cleaning techniques. Gord'sTM will clean and WILL NOT harm Anodized, ClearCoat, Gelcoat, & Powder Coated Rims. It cleans all the Staining, Crud and Surface Rust off painted rims too. Polish out White Water Stains and Seal all in 1 application.

Features of Gord's Aluminum-Chrome-Metal / Cleaner-Polish-Sealer / ALL IN ONE 16 OZ

  • Mirror Shine Every Time
  • Easy on your hands
  • Easy on your nose
  • Easy on your wallet
  • Easy to use in any climate

Specifications of Gord's Aluminum-Chrome-Metal / Cleaner-Polish-Sealer / ALL IN ONE 16 OZ

Item model numberGAP16
Manufacturer Part NumberGAP16

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