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In 1973, the Department of Defense created a Global Positioning System (GPS) for military use utilizing 24 satellites orbiting the Earth in geosynchronous orbit. In 1995 the system became fully operational and available for public use. Gone were the days of stopping at a gas station of directions and paper maps are now all but obsolete. Since that time there have been numerous improvements in the sensitivity and usefulness of GPS technology. The modern GPS unit does more than just provide directions from one location to another. It maps multiple routes, giving the driver the ability to choose between freeways and regular roadways. It provides details including the shortest route and the quickest route. It monitors traffic patterns and suggests alternate routes, continually monitoring the position of the vehicle and recalculating the distance and providing updated directions. If there was ever a piece of technology which could be credited with reducing the number of arguments on a vacation road trip, the GPS unit would be it.

Carkart carries GPS units from all of the top manufacturers including Cobra, Garmin, Lowrance, Magellan, Pioneer, and TomTom. We also have antennas and signal boosters to improve the accuracy of the automotive based units. There are also plenty of hand held GPS units for the hikers, campers, and general outdoors people. To make sure that your commute and vacation travel remain worry free, Carkart also carries a number of radar and laser/radar detectors because no one likes a ticket. Purchase a GPS unit from Carkart and never be lost again!

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