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Griot's Garage 11145 Paint Cleaning Clay Kit

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Brand: Griot's Garage
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Griot's Garage 11145 Paint Cleaning Clay Kit

Regardless of how clean you think your paint is, there are still contaminants stuck on the paint that you need to remove before waxing or polishing your paint. Paint cleaning clay leaves behind an ultra-smooth surface that will make your wax adhere better and last longer. It also makes the wax much easier to remove, reducing your elbow grease substantially. Clay is safe for all paint and also works great on glass to get it squeaky clean. To use, just remove the clay from the wrapper, spray the paint's surface with Speed Shine (acts as a lubricating fluid), and rub the clay back and forth until there is no drag. This means your paint is clean. Unlike other cleaners and polishes, no buffing or hard circular motions are necessary. Takes literally one fourth the time as it would using paint cleaner. Follow up with best of show wax and your paint will look stunning. The large 8 ounce (226 gram) bar cleans about 7 vehicles, depending on the amount of surface contamination. Try this clay - the results are amazing.

For paint that’s super smooth, there is no substitute for Griot’s Garage Paint Cleaning Clay. Even if you think your paint is clean, there are sure to be contaminants embedded in the surface that need to be removed before polishing or waxing. Remove these embedded contaminants and prepare your paint to look its best. The results will amaze you.

Why Use Paint Cleaning Clay?

Oils, dirt, brake dust, tar, and acid rain deposits form tiny particles that stick to your paint. You can’t always see these contaminants, but you can usually feel them by running your hand gently across the painted surface.

How Do You Use Paint Cleaning Clay?

Paint Cleaning Clay and Speed Shine work together to remove embedded contaminants, preparing your paint for polishing and waxing. Speed Shine loosens debris and lubricates the surface, Paint Cleaning Clay grabs and holds the contaminants, lifting them safely away from your paint.

Four Steps to a Smooth Surface

Features of Griot's Garage 11145 Paint Cleaning Clay Kit

  • Essential to properly preparing your paint for polishing and waxing
  • Paint cleaning clay will not strip wax and is safe for all paints and glass
  • Reduce waste by reusing the finest sprayer and refilling the 35 ounce bottle
  • Using paint cleaning clay a few times a year will reduce paint oxidation
  • Great for removing sap, dried bugs, and stubborn bird droppings

Specifications of Griot's Garage 11145 Paint Cleaning Clay Kit

BrandGriot's Garage
Item Weight3 pounds
Product Dimensions8 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches
Item model number11145
Manufacturer Part Number11145

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