Premium Car Charger For Nokia 1616

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Brand: Hedocell
Model: AM33603906
Availability: Coming Soon

Premium Car Charger For Nokia 1616

How many times have you been in your car suffering with only one small line of power left in your Nokia 1616? Well, Stop Now! with this charger you can charge your Nokia 1616 in any standard car receptacle at a wonderful price. Have you ask at a cellular phone store for the price of a charger? Take a look, and I'm sure that you will be back here. This charger has the same features of your original charger, the only difference is the price. Why? Simple, instead of paying to the original phone manufacturer some money, you are keeping this savings for you and your family.

Features of Premium Car Charger For Nokia 1616

  • Brand New IC Chip Controlled Plug in Car Charger
  • State of the art Intelligent Chip circuit prevents overcharging
  • Conveniently charge your Nokia 1616 battery while your drive
  • Non interrupted charging, even while the Nokia 1616 is in use
  • Essential accessory in case of car accident or another emergency

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