Kenwood X450-4 - 450W 4-Channel Amplifier

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Brand: Kenwood
Model: X450-4
UPC : 613815594161
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Kenwood X450-4 - 450W 4-CHANNEL Amplifier

eXcelon amplifiers are not only cool looking they contain intelligent cooling technologies. The new thermal management system found in eXcelon amplifiers continuously monitors the amplifier's temperature and operates the cooling fan when necessary. This new intelligent cooling system gives uninterrupted performance and helps maintain exceptional sound quality even under the most extreme conditions. Efficient Heat Dissipation Design A unique "Fin Shape" crafted into the extruded aluminum design provides ideal dissipation of heat from the amplifiers chassis. X450-4 delivers a uniquely staggered four-channel power output for driving front-stage speakers (150 watts x 2) and rear-fill speakers (75 watts x 2)Excelon Performance & Quality - eXcelon products incorporate the latest technologies and deliver the highest sonic performance. From advanced audio tuning capabilities, crossover and equalizer systems, high voltage preouts and two-year warranty, eXcelon represents the very best product available.Asymmetrical 4-Ch Design - A unique staggered power supply design allows the amplifier to run in 4-channel mode for demanding front and rear speakers or 3-channel mode for front speakers plus enough power to drive a subwoofer at 300W RMS bridged simultaneously.Variable High-Pass Filter - Filters low frequencies out of the music and passes only signals above a certain frequency (called the cut-off frequency) to mid and high range speakers.Variable Low-Pass Filter - Filters hig

Features of Kenwood X450-4 - 450W 4-CHANNEL Amplifier

  • 4 ohms: 60 watts x 2 chan. 100 watts x 2 chan.
  • 2 ohms: 75 watts x 2 chan. 150 watts x 2 chan.
  • Bridged, 4 ohms: 60 watts x 2 chan. 300 watts x 1 chan.
  • Pulse Width Modulated MOSFET Power Supply

Specifications of Kenwood X450-4 - 450W 4-CHANNEL Amplifier

Model NumberX450-4

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