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Lexol Quick-Wipes Leather Cleaner

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Brand: Lexol
Model: LX-1123
UPC : 082045632392
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Lexol Quick-Wipes Leather Cleaner

Many all purpose cleaners boast a pH level of 12 or 13. This level of pH is incompatible with leather. When using these harsh products, the cleaning towel may turn brown. What appears to be dirt are actually chemicals from the tanning process being removed. These cleaners actually reverse the tanning process, which will ultimately cause the leather to deteriorate. Lexol Leather Cleaner has an optimum pH balanced cleanser (between 5 and 5.5; slightly acidic) with purified water, premixed and added to a newly available towelette from DuPont. These individual towels are incredibly strong, able to stand up to tough jobs, and are absorbent, holding more solution than conventional wipes. Tech notes: Lexol suggests not using its products on hot surfaces, or in direct sunlight. Leather care is a two-step process of cleaning then conditioning. Lexol Leather Cleaner is especially effective when used hand-in-hand with Lexol Leather Conditioner. In the southern-most states, Florida, Texas and Arizona, it's recommended that leather care is performed once a month. In less severe climates, protecting your car's leather interior every three to four months is sufficient. 25 ready-to-use quick wipes.

Features of Lexol Quick-Wipes Leather Cleaner

  • You can now find most of your favorite cleaners in the convenient form of wipes.
  • Its specially balanced formula is non-greasy, non-tacky, and will not migrate to the surface.
  • Lexol Leather Cleaner contains no petroleum solvents or silicones.
  • Lexol Quick-Wipes Leather Cleaner can be used on all types of leather except suede and glove-soft leather.

Specifications of Lexol Quick-Wipes Leather Cleaner

Item model numberLX-1123
Manufacturer Part NumberLX-1123

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