Melaleuca Clear Power Glass Cleaner 16 FL OZ

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Melaleuca Clear Power Glass Cleaner 16 FL OZ

Have you ever spent hours cleaning your home, only to turn around and find there are still streaks on the glass, smudges on the stainless steel, and spots on the appliances? Chances are you were using a grocery store brand glass or surface cleaner. While generally effective, they are usually formulated to dry quickly. As a result, they remove most of the dirt, but simply smear the rest around on the surface, leaving cloudy streaks all over your glass. Clear Power is the one glass and surface cleaner that relies on naturally derived ingredients to deliver streak-free clean. Put Clear Power to work in your home and start seeing results immediately! The concentrated, biodegradable formula is effective on a multitude of surfaces, including:GlassStainless steelPlexiglas®WindowsChromePicture framesAluminumMirrorsAppliancesSupercharging an Old StandardThe practice of cleaning glass with vinegar and water has been around almost as long as glass itself. As a clear, nontoxic solvent, vinegar has stood the test of time as one of the simplest, most effective cleaners, proving itself especially useful in removing hard water spots. Clear Power takes this time-tested recipe and supercharges it with a proprietary combination of naturally derived ingredients that improve performance.Clear Power boosts the power of vinegar with biodegradable cleaning agents that allow it to cut through everything from grimy fingerprints to toothpaste,simply and easily. And because it doesn't dry as quickly as ammonia-based cleaners, it breaks up and washes away more dirt, leaving fewer streaks and smudges. But that's not all. Clear Power also contains a secret ingredient-pure Melaleuca Oil. The solvent and penetrating properties of Melaleuca Oil make cleaning all kinds of surfaces, from glass and mirrors to chrome and picture frames, practically effortless. The difference is clear. The only thing you see when you use Clear Power is whatever is on the other side of the glass.

Features of Melaleuca Clear Power Glass Cleaner 16 FL OZ

  • Formulated with distilled white vinegar
  • Leaves behind a fresh, clean smell
  • Contains no ammonia or phosphates
  • Concentrated to save money and reduce plastic waste

Specifications of Melaleuca Clear Power Glass Cleaner 16 FL OZ

Item Weight1 pounds
Shipping Weight1.1 pounds

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