NightFire Audio Amplifier Kit - LM380

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Brand: NightFire Electronics
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NightFire Audio Amplifier Kit - LM380

It includes the very popular LM380 Audio Power Amplifier 8-Pin IC rated at 2.5 Watts, a well-designed PCB for the LM380, schematics, and the parts to build it. This is probably the world's most popular Audio Power Amplifier Integrated Circuit ever made. The gain is internally fixed at 34 dB. A unique input stage allows ground referenced input signals. The output automatically self-centers to one-half the supply voltage. The Output Power is rated for 2.5 Watts with a THD of 0.2%Uses include MP3 output amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, simple phonograph amplifiers, intercoms, line drivers, teaching machine outputs, alarms, ultrasonic drivers, TV sound systems, AM-FM radio, small servo drivers, power converters, etc.The PCB is 1.4" long x 2.30" wide made of .062" FR-4 epoxy glass. All holes are plated through. The traces are wide to withstand numerous circuit changes.<

Features of NightFire Audio Amplifier Kit - LM380

  • Audio Amplifier
  • LM380
  • Single Channel

Specifications of NightFire Audio Amplifier Kit - LM380

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