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Pearl Professional Waterless Car Wash 8oz. Concentrate with an Empty 32oz. Labeled Bottle and Sprayer

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Brand: Pearl
Model: 8oz-Prof-Conc
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Pearl Professional Waterless Car Wash 8OZ. Concentrate with an Empty 32OZ. Labeled Bottle and Sprayer

PEARL PROFESSIONAL WATERLESS CAR WASH CONCENTRATE:Clean, Polish and Protect Your Car Virtually Anywhere/ Anytime - Makes 2.5 bottles when diluted. Choose the Waterless or rinseless method - Easy to use product, ideal for almost everyone, especially those in water restricted areas and apartments. All you need the Professional Waterless Wash and a couple microfiber cloths. That's it

An 8oz of Professional Waterless Wash concentrate and an empty 32oz spray bottle comes with your purchase. The mixing instructions for the concentrate is included. Make up to (2 ½) 32oz bottles of ready to use, or 5 gal. of rinseless use.



Fold a clean, damp microfiber towel into fourths; spray a couple bursts of product onto the microfiber towel and an additional couple of sprays to the surface to be cleaned. Gently wipe the microfiber onto the surface. Buff off with a clean, dry, folded microfiber towel before it dries. Use sparingly. A little product goes a very long ways. Unfold and fold, both the washing and buffing towels after becoming soiled, so you are always using a clean section of the towels.


With a clean 2 gal or 5 gal. bucket, Fill with 1.5-4 gal. of clean filtered water. For 2 gal. of water you will put 4oz./ 5 gal. 8oz. of Pearl Professional Waterless Car Wash Concentrate right into the bucket. Place 4 clean microfiber towels directly into the mixture and water. NEVER rinse towels in mixture. Wring out a microfiber towel until just damp. Wash your vehicle as usual (windows, gaskets, plastic etc) flipping the towel as it becomes soiled. Clean a midsized vehicle with only 3 towels, including rims and interior areas.

In direct sunlight clean smaller sections (2ft X 2ft).

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Features of Pearl Professional Waterless Car Wash 8OZ. Concentrate with an Empty 32OZ. Labeled Bottle and Sprayer

  • As a waterless car wash product, you can clean, polish & protect 15-20 mid-sized vehicles.
  • Used as a rinseless product, you can clean 50 mid-sized vehicles
  • Wash and Wax your vehicle, Virtually anywhere, inside and out, with as little as cup of water.
  • The ingredients inside the Professional Waterless Car Wash are non hazardous and not harmfull to the environment; Contains no harmful chemicals, No VOCs or silicones
  • The polymers and UV protectant will not only make your vehicle look great, but it will also keep it that way for weeks.

Specifications of Pearl Professional Waterless Car Wash 8OZ. Concentrate with an Empty 32OZ. Labeled Bottle and Sprayer

Item Weight13.6 ounces
Product Dimensions14.8 x 11.1 x 3.3 inches
Manufacturer Part Number8oz. Prof. Conc.

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