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8 oz. Poorboys Blue Nattys Paste Wax

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Brand: Poorboy
Model: PB-NPW-BL
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8 oz. Poorboys Blue Nattys Paste Wax

Natty's Paste Wax (BLUE) is a high quality wax minus the high price typically associated with Carnaubas. Patented UV light absorbers keep your paint fresh and protected throughout the life of the wax. You'll love the way your paint looks and feels under Natty's! Apply additional layers to increase the depth and glimmer. Besides the amazing visual advantage Natty's lends to your car, I'd have to say that my favorite aspect of it is the incredible ease of application. Using a foam applicator or Poorboy's PVA Applicator Sponge, apply a thin even layer. (Some professional detailers say application is smoother yet when your applicator is damp.) Ease of application means just that-regardless if you want to wax-on, wax-off, let it haze and immediately wipe away or if you want to do the whole car then buff off, it's all good! Like all Poorboy's products, it was made to be foolproof. Even first time users will always get professional-looking, jaw-dropping results! Applying waxes in direct sunlight is usually a big non-no, but Natty's seems to thrive in the hot, glaring sun. It's very resilient and very impressive! Your car's surface will feel satiny-smooth under your fingertips.

Features of 8 oz. Poorboys Blue Nattys Paste Wax

  • Leaves behind depth and gloss, especially when multiple coats have been applied
  • Apply as thin as possible
  • Easy to apply & remove
  • An 8 oz jar will last dozens of applications if applied correctly

Specifications of 8 oz. Poorboys Blue Nattys Paste Wax

Item Weight8.8 ounces
Product Dimensions3.6 x 3.6 x 2.5 inches
Manufacturer Part NumberPB-NPW-BL

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