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Qinpu - Q3 - Integrated / Headphone Amplifier

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Brand: Qinpu
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Qinpu - Q3 - Integrated / Headphone Amplifier

The Qinpu Q3 is a compact hybrid tube integrated amplifier and headphone amp which delivers the luxurious sound of vacuum tubes from the 'Golden Age' of hi-fi along with the speed and reliability of solid state circuitry. The Q3 is the 'bigger brother' to Qinpu's popular Q2, which offers an output of 2.5 watts-per-channel in integrated amplifier mode. The Q3 doubles that, providing a clean 5 watts-per-channel. This may not seem like much at first glance. But the Q3's circuitry is powerful enough to drive a large range of speakers with articulate and harmonically pleasing sound. You'll be surprised at the big performance that the Q3 delivers. As an integrated amp, the Q3 is a gem of a compact sound system for your PC, portable music player, and other sources that use a mini-plug connection. It also has RCA stereo inputs for plugging in a CD player, DVD player, or other component. A pair of high-quality binding posts makes speaker connection easy. The Q3 excels as a headphone amplifier. The wide-impedance headphone-stage output circuitry accommodates a wide range of full-size headphones from the 1/4" headphone jack. For in-ear monitors (aka earbuds), plug them into the rear-panel line level output of the amplifier for good results. The 6N3 vacuum tube in the input stage contributes to the Q3's smooth sonic performance. The no-nonsense yet still aesthetically pleasing chassis design includes source selection and volume control knobs.

Features of Qinpu - Q3 - Integrated / Headphone Amplifier

  • Compact vacuum tube integrated amp/headphone amp
  • Compatible with full-size headphones and IEMs
  • 5 watts-per-channel in integrated amp mode
  • Wide impedance headphone output
  • Source selection and volume control knobs

Specifications of Qinpu - Q3 - Integrated / Headphone Amplifier

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