2) VM Audio EXS406.2 4"/4x6" 220W Speakers + 2) EXS690.4 6x9" 600W Speakers

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Brand: VM Audio
Model: VM-EXS4062-+-VM-EXS6904
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2) VM Audio EXS406.2 4"/4X6" 220W Speakers2) EXS690.4 6X9" 600W Speakers

Our Elux Full Range Speakers are equipped with a Coated Customized Stamped Steel Basket and ABS Magnet Boot that reduces mounting depth for a more slick, streamlined appearance while reducing noise vibration. The Coaxial Dynamic Driver Design captivates your undivided attention with greater definition and separation across the entire soundstage gamut. Powerful, well-defined bass response along with the purest highs are handled by our KSV High Power Voice Coil. Our Designer Wave Array Grills provide clean sound dispersion and excellent protective properties. The Propulsion Drive Flux-Cycle Motor System with magnetic uniformity efficiently displaces the moving diaphragm for accurate smooth sound reproduction. The Single Point Multi-Radiating Diaphragm Coaxial Loudspeaker Design places the tweeter in the same radiating plane as the woofer for a wide single source reproduction. All of these intricately balanced components give our Elux Full Range Speakers the finest audio resolution and an exciting dynamic sound. Superior craftsmanship and innovation build quality in VM Audio's Elux Full Range Speakers ensure the most enjoyable listening experience you have come to expect. These sophisticatedly designed speakers guarantee you an upscale and high-performance sound quality.

Features of 2) VM Audio EXS406.2 4"/4X6" 220W Speakers2) EXS690.4 6X9" 600W Speakers

  • VM Audio 4"/ 4x6" Speakers provide 110W of RMS Power (pair) and 220W of MAX Power (pair)
  • Sensitivity: 91dB; Frequency Response: 80Hz-20kHz; Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • VM Audio 6x9" Speakers provide 300W of RMS Power (pair) and 600W of MAX Power (pair)
  • Sensitivity: 93dB; Frequency Response: 50Hz-20kHz; Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • 4/ 4x6" - Mounting Diameter: 3.98" (101mm) and Mounting Height: 1.77" (45mm);

Specifications of 2) VM Audio EXS406.2 4"/4X6" 220W Speakers2) EXS690.4 6X9" 600W Speakers

Shipping Weight12 pounds

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