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Yatour Car Mp3 Radio Player Adapter Cd Changer for Mazda 2/3/5/6/323/cx7/rx8/mx5

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Yatour Car MP3 Radio Player Adapter Cd Changer for Mazda 2/3/5/6/323/CX7/RX8/MX5

This is a Audio car kit. It is a replacement of CD changer. It can be easily installed and used. The installation and usage are the same as CD changer's installation and usage, Simply plug in USB disk/SD card, you can play audio through car audio system and enjoy music in your car.

Mazda Series:
2003-2008 Mazda 2,
2004-2008 Mazda 3 ,
2006-2009 Mazda 5(without entertainment system) ,
2006-2008 Mazda 6 (see note 3),
2009 Mazda 6(Panasonic),
2003-2008 Miata/MX5(non Bose) ,
2002-2006 SPD,
2002-2003 Prot©g©,
2007-2008 CX7 (non Bose) ,
2004-2008 RX8(see note 4) ,
2002-2006 Tribute,
2002->2008 Premacy,
1999-2003 Mazda 323 ,
2002-2011 MPV ,
2003-2006 B-Series Pickup

Compatibility Notice:
1: Fits following head units: 1168, 1269, 4103, 14789909, 1472086, 14792089, 14794008, 14794522, 14795137, CQ-EM4570AK, CQ-LM4720A, CQ-TT3070AA, CR-LM4282KA, CR-LM4282KA CD, CQ-XM8950A
2:Not compatible with Navigation radios. Not compatible with MX5 with Bose Sound System;
3: Not all Mazda 6 supports external CDC connection, internal modification might be needed; Mazda 6, produced from
Nov. 2003 to Sep. 2005, needs to solder a jumper or a 0-ohm chip register on location L716 in its head unit.
4: RX-8 radio firmware version must be v9.55 or later, v10.1 and v9.81 not supported. (Note to check the radio firmware is available).

Playlist function same as multi CDs
Support last position memory(LPM)
Shock proof and electromagnetic interference proof
Easy to install, without hurting the original car circuit
No battery required
Able to work together with existing CD Changer

Features of Yatour Car MP3 Radio Player Adapter Cd Changer for Mazda 2/3/5/6/323/CX7/RX8/MX5

  • Connected with wire harness, not FM signal controlled, high quality sound guaranteed
  • Controlled by car Head Unit, support Steering Wheel operation
  • With imported Decoding Chip, perfectly support MP3 and WMA music tracks
  • Supports SD/SDHC/MMC Card/USB Stick/Card Reader/Hard Disk
  • Supports external audio source (MP3, MP4, PSP, mobile phone) via AUX IN slot

Specifications of Yatour Car MP3 Radio Player Adapter Cd Changer for Mazda 2/3/5/6/323/CX7/RX8/MX5

Shipping Weight7.2 ounces
Shipping CountryCHINA
Shipping TimeApproximately 2-5 weeks.

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