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Dc Car Power Adapter for Polaroid Pdm

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Brand: zebest
Model: gen15
UPC : 837654259573
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Dc Car Power Adapter for Polaroid Pdm

Use this dc car charger adapter to charge or power your Portable dvd player in your car. Models: Polaroid DPA-00710S DPA-07032S DPA-07046 DPA-08040B DPA-08055DPA-08540K DPA-10040 FCM-700A FDM-1000A FDM-1015 FDM-700A FDX-700TPDM-0082 PDM-0084 PDM-0085 PDM-0711PDM-0713m PDM-0714 PDM-0721 PDM-0722 PDM-0723 PDM-0724MPDM-0725 PDM-0726m PDM-0732PDM-0742 PDM-0743 PDM-0752 PDM-0817PDM-0821 PDM-0822BD PDM-0824PDM-0825M PDM-0855 PDM-0990DS PDM-1035 PDM-1040 PDM-1044m PDM-1053 PDM-1058 PDM-2727 PDM-2737PDM-2747 PDM-8551 PDS-758LP PDV 0810a PDV-0560M PDV-0700 PDV-0701PDV-0703C PDV-0707N PDV-0710PDV-0713 PDV-0723 PDV-0740 PDV-0744PDV-0750 PDV-077PT PDV-0800 PDV-0801PDV-0802 PDV-0813 PDV-0820 PDV-0821TPDV-0823 PDV-0855C PDV-088PTPDV-1002A PDV-1008N PDV-1042M PDV-288 PDV-523 PDV-768 PDVO-750PDX-0073 PDX-0074 PDX-0075 PDX-0758

Features of Dc Car Power Adapter for Polaroid Pdm

  • After market replacement car adapter
  • Saves money on batteries
  • Is 100% compatible to original manufacturer equipment

Specifications of Dc Car Power Adapter for Polaroid Pdm

Model Numbergen15

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