Handy Tips for Cost-Effective Maintenance of Your Car

Handy Tips for Cost-Effective Maintenance of Your Car


 “The cars we drive say a lot about us. - Alexandra Paul “

True enough, we all dream of owning a big BMW or Mercedes parked in our house area, proudly called as ours, and so one should also be prepared for the high maintenance that this beautiful luxury brings along with it. True enough, just like a baby is a responsibility to the parents, so is a car to its owner.  We can't run away from the fact that car maintenance is an expensive affair but with these handful tips, that will no longer be an issue over your budget.

Handy Tips for Cost-Effective Maintenance of your Car:

Drive efficiently: It’s your car and you are responsible for its well-being. Every tip goes after this.  Remember to treat your car smoothly during a speedy drive. Maintain a strategic distance from any superfluous braking and coast through traffic jams, avoiding any jerks or collision as they can cost higher fuel consumption for your car. Make GPS your friend and always check the route if it's laden with traffic, road works or diversions, before setting off.

Constant Servicing: Constant servicing is always a healthy meal to your car. However, having a decent understanding of what aids your car to work efficiently will really earn you a cost-effective maintenance. Check things like spark plugs and the air filter which may hamper the optimal functioning of the engine as they would result in poor fuel economy and cost you much money.

Do It Yourself: There are numerous things on your car that require the master hands of a workman. However, there are a few things you can do yourself, so you don't need to burn through cash for experienced hands to do it. You can begin by having a decent understanding of what parts are scheduled to be changed, with the help of your car manual.

Correct Fuel: Certain producers mark a specific grade of petrol for the smooth running of cars. Even though it is always good to upgrade your car with the higher-grade petrol, it is not at all needed than what is actually recommended for your car, especially while keeping your budget in mind. Also,  find out the best credit/debit cards to use to save you money at the pump.

Wash your Car Yourself: Keeping your car clean and presentable should always bring you pleasure as it is what makes you feel proud. A cleaner car brings you better mileage since it must fight with less resistance. Paying for a car wash can be cut down if you decide to take it for yourself and it can also help you burn some calories.

"Take care of your car and the car takes care of you!" - Zeid

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Posted On: December 10, 2018

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