Are You Ready To Ride Bike in Summers? | Essential Riding Tips

Are You Ready To Ride Bike in Summers? | Essential Riding Tips


One must take special responsibility towards oneself in the hot and humid conditions of summers, especially while riding a bike. Combined with the horrible traffic jams, the high temperatures of summer add to the struggle of riders. Here are a few important driving tips for summers that can make your ride a pleasurable and comfortable experience.

  • Nothing can beat the heat better than water. So, keep your body charged with lots of water intake to avoid dehydration, heat stroke and heat exhaustion.
  • Always prefer full sleeved shirts and ventilated jackets, commonly available on Carkart, to ensure least exposure to the radiations of the sun. Wearing light colors can save you a lot more from absorbing the heat and prevent the water loss in your body.


  • Wear ventilated gloves to avoid skin’s exposure to heat & protect fingers from hot clutch and brakes. Prefer a cooling vest for long durations of rides.
  • Ensure that the engine oil is fueled properly as it plays a vital role in reducing heat created due to friction and keeps the bike cool.
  •  In order to avoid the unwanted punctures in the hot weather, ensure that the tyres of your bike are inflated to the optimum pressure.

‚Äč Get the best bike accessories such as ventilated jackets, gloves annd engine oil to ensure smooth bike rides.

Hope these safe driving tips serve you well for a pleasant journey. If you would like to share more tips, kindly write to us in the comments.

Posted On: December 12, 2018

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