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Roadpro RPAT-788 7 Liter 12V Cooler / Warmer with Cup Holders

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Roadpro RPAT-788 7 Liter 12V Cooler / Warmer with Cup Holders

Roadpro 12-Volt 7 Liter Cooler and Warmer with Cup Holder is manufactured to hold cups inside the vehicle. It is constructed with durable material that ensures longevity. This cooler and warmer facilitates easy and quick installation.


The RPAT-788 is a thermoelectric device; it does not have a thermostat, and will not hold a particular temperature. Thermoelectric coolers utilize a Peltier device to transfer heat from one surface to another. Their cooling ability is limited by the surrounding air temperature. The RPAT-788 will cool to 25-30°f below ambient temperature. This means while driving to your destination with the climate control set to 70°F the cooler can go as low as 45°F, and the unit will never produce freezing temperatures. If you leave the unit running in your parked car in the summertime and the temperature rises, the temperature in the cooler will rise accordingly. For these reasons we do not recommend that any brands thermoelectric coolers be used for keeping medicines at a particular temperature.

The RPAT-788 can be operated with the RPSL-7000, Converter for a few days, but we do not recommend for long period of time.The RoadPro RPAT-788 Cooler/Warmer draws 4 amps at 48 watts. The unit does not have a battery saving device built in as it is not designed to run 24/7. The RPAT-788 is a thermoelectric device, not a refrigerator and is not meant for a continuous duty cycle, it is meant for daily 8 hour use as a cooler/warmer. The average vehicle’s 12-volt outlet does not stay hot after the ignition is turned off, some do, and some do not. Please try to give your cooler a break every few hours if you will be using your unit longer than a normal 6 to 8 hour work day. This will help extend the life span of your unit

Features :
  • Manufactured for holding beverage cans and cups
  • Constructed from sturdy material
  • Ensures durability and longevity
  • Ergonomically designed to fit inside the vehicle
  • Easy installation

Color : Wht/Gray
Product dimensions : L:11.7 X W:7.5 X H:14.3
Product weight : 6.1 pounds

Specifications of Roadpro RPAT-788 7 Liter 12V Cooler / Warmer with Cup Holders

Brand Name RoadPro
Color Wht/Gray

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