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Youngstown's General Utility Plus is the ideal performance work glove with its combination of comfort, dexterity, durability and value. Ideal for a wide range of rugged applications, this all-purpose and abrasion-resistant design is perfect for construction and automotive trades as well as working around the house and in your yard. This version comes in X-large, and it's also available in small, medium, large, and XX-large.

At a Glance
General Utility Plus Gloves
At a Glance:
  • Extensive non-slip reinforcement for durability and grip

  • Water and oil resistant synthetic suede base layer

  • Supportive cuff with adjustable Velcro closure

  • Terry cloth thumb for wiping sweat and debris

  • Non-slip saddle reinforcement protects critical wear area

  • X-large size

  • Backed by an unconditional guarantee
At a Glance

The performance fabrics used throughout the glove are designed to wick away heat and moisture while also staying flexible after repeated washings. This General Utility Plus also features a terry cloth thumb for comfortably wiping away sweat and debris from your face and eyes. Machine washable for easy care.

General Utility Plus
General Utility Plus gloves in black (view larger).

Gloves Won't Slow You Down

The 3-D, ergonomic design perfectly fits the form of your hand to provide incredible dexterity and comfort throughout the work day. Traditional work gloves are created in flat, two-piece patterns and create a clumsy fit that requires the worker to remove the glove for a number of tasks. A Youngstown Glove pattern features a palm, top, separate thumb piece, and finger side panels, allowing the glove to fit so securely on your hand you'll be able to perform any number of tasks without taking the glove off.

High Quality Materials

Youngstown uses the finest man-made materials available to ensure the best possible fit, comfort and lasting durability. Each area of the glove serves a purpose in the overall fit and functionality of the gloves. The top of hand features a textured nylon that not only affords great stretch but is also designed to wick heat and moisture away from your hand. This dual functionality keeps you cool and comfortable while maintaining support.

The finger side panels also require stretch and breathability but a thinner reinforced lycra is used to ensure your fingers are unhindered in their movements. The palm materials require stability to ensure durability, and the base layer is made of a synthetic leather that will not shrink, stretch, or harden after getting wet. The cuff material is all about support, so we use a thicker neoprene that encircles the wrist and offers all day protection.

Heavy Duty Palm

Youngstown uses a heavy duty non-slip reinforcement throughout the entire palm side of the glove. This texturized, non-slip PVC-based material is incredibly durable and grippy, and it will outlast traditional leather in multiples. Youngstown's General Utility Plus features this non-slip in nearly every area of the palm, fingers, and thumbs. Spaces are left uncovered at the knuckle breaks and key areas to allow for maximum dexterity and freedom of movement. The non-slip material is secured into place with double-stitched, bonded nylon thread.

Sizing Your Glove

Use a cloth tape measure on the hand you use the most, and measure from crook between your thumb and index finger straight across to the base of the pinky and then all the way around back to where you started. Based on the circumference of your palm (excluding the thumb), here's a general guideline to sizing:

  • Small: 8.0 to 8.5 inches
  • Medium: 8.5 to 9.0 inches
  • Large: 9.0 to 9.5 inches
  • Extra Large: 9.5 to 10.0 inches
  • Double Extra Large: 10.0 to 10.5 inches

Unconditional Guarantee

Each customer has a different belief for the life expectancy of their gloves. Furthermore, it is not uncommon that the glove you have selected is not a match to the job you are performing. Because of this, Youngstown Glove offers its unconditional guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your gloves, Youngstown Glove will replace the pair or work with you to get you into the right model.

General Utility Plus working
Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue while enhancing wrist support (view larger).
Features : Youngstown style non-slip reinforcement covers the palm, fingers and thumb for enhanced grip, protection and extreme durability *Terry Cloth covers the top of thumb to provide a comfortable and effective way to wipe away sweat and debris from your face and eyes *Comfortable neoprene cuff and closure provides wrist support while locking out dirt and debris *Perfect combination of comfort, dexterity, durability and value makes this the ideal Performance Work Glove and Youngstown's # 1 Seller *Performance fabrics wick away sweat and heat while also remaning soft and flexible after washings. Machine Wash / Air Dry
Color : Black
Size : Xlarge
Product dimensions : 2x12x4.5 inches
Product weight : 0.03 pounds

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