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Increase your wireless transmission by up to 1.2 miles (1.9 km) by adding a Wireless Long-Range Repeater and Yagi antennas. For longer distances, add more repeaters.

For installations in which the integrated sensor suite or other transmitting station is much more than 1,000 feet from the console or receiver, add one or more Wireless Long-Range Repeaters, each with two antennas.Repeaters can be used to receive and transmit data from any sensor suite, transmitter or other repeaters.


  • AC and Long Range Solar Wifi Repeaters
  • Long-Range WiFi Repeaters work in much the same way as the Vantage Pro2 Wireless Repeaters (# 7626, 7627), but extend the range and reception between a transmitting station and a receiver by up to 10 times that of the standard wireless repeater.
  • The Davis 7654 Long-Range Wireless Repeater is one of our solar WiFi repeaters (US Version only, see note below) that works in conjunction with two external antennas (# 7656, 7660), one for receiving and one for transmitting, to re-transmit data over greater distances than a wireless repeater with the standard dipole antenna. Transmission distances vary depending on the antennas selected and how they are used in a network. The Long-Range WiFi Repeater can listen for up to eight different transmitter signals and can pass those signals on to another repeater or to any number of receivers.
  • AC-powered long-range repeaters (# 7653) include an AC-power adapter and battery.

  • Specification of LONG RANGE REPEATER,AC,US

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