How to give your car a WOOF-over

How to give your car a WOOF-over

If you want your car sound system to sound good, then installing a subwoofer is your solution. Subwoofers form a key element in any stereo system. If you are looking to give your car the best possible sound system you must realize the significant role a subwoofer plays. The primary function of a subwoofer is producing a low-frequency audio sound which in turn makes any genre of music sound great when you are listening to it in your car. Audio technology has developed over the years and you can purchase woofers like ported sub box, truck subwoofer box, 8 subwoofer box, single 12-inch subwoofer box, speaker boxwood, and many more depending on your vehicle and your preference of sound. If you are still debating whether or not you should dive headfirst into buying a subwoofer, the below pointers might help convince you.



Smooth Sound


A good quality car stereo system along with a subwoofer is the closest thing to audio perfection that anyone can achieve in a vehicle. The difference in audio quality is noticeable when the volume is low just as much when the volume is set at a high level. A subwoofer can help your sound system generate a bigger and cleaner sound.




Installing subwoofers in your car will help your sound system to last longer. Most of the car sound system is small and depending on them to produce low-frequency audio can strain the speakers which will result in poor audio quality. This can also cause permanent damage to your audio system. Subwoofers can help increase the life span of your car sound system by lifting the burden from producing low frequency resulting in your speakers lasting for a long time.


Avoid distortion


As mentioned in the above point, subwoofer helps lift the burden from the small speakers also know as tweeters allowing them to focus on producing higher audio frequency. This results in your car sound system producing an overall well-balanced sound. When you force your high or mid-range sound speakers to play lower audio frequency, this can lead to distortion. 




Very Mobile


If you are having space constraints in your car, you don’t need to worry about installing a subwoofer. They might be bigger than any ordinary speaker but they can fit anywhere in your vehicle. You can place the subwoofers in the trunk of your car and still enjoy the bass tones quiet easily. 


Improves the listening experience


Whether you love listening to pop, rock, hip hop or reggae, Installing subwoofers can help improve the sound quality of all music genres. Subwoofers can enhance the sound of music compared to listening to them on ordinary speakers. All kinds of music genres sound better when the base frequency is played through a subwoofer.


So, if you are looking to invest in an audio system that will last for a long time, a good quality subwoofer will definitely help you achieve that goal.


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Posted On: November 07, 2019

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