Air Force

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Sidekick Motorcycle Dryer, Manufacturer: Air Force Blaster, BLASTER SIDEKICK
Compact, powerful hand held motorcycle dryer that is small enough to put into a saddlebag yet strong..
The Blaster cuts drying time as much as 75 percentBlows warm, dry, clean, filtered airEliminates wat..
Air Force Blaster SK-1CD Sidekick Portable Bike Dryer
Powerful 950 watt, 8 amp, 120 volt motor. Weighs just 3 lbs., small enough to fit in most saddlebags..
Air Force Blaster Bonus- 3 Extra Filters! Metro Vac Car & Motorcycle Dryer - Model B3-CD
Extra Bonus! Your B3-CD will also include a 3 pack of filters - Part # MVC-56F. The MetroVac Air For..