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Car Charger Adapter for Philips Dual Screen Portable DVD Player

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Car Adapter Charger for Portable Dual Screen DVD. Car Charger Adapter for Philips 7 , 9 , 10 Dual Screen Portable DVD Player LY-02 LY02 AY4128 AY4197 AND MORE, Impecca DVP-DS720, Aduiovox D7121ESK, D9121ESK, D1788ES, Insignia NS-7DPDVD, NS-MVDS7, NS-MVDS9, AXION AXN-7979. Compatible with Philips Portable Dvd Players including Pb9001/37 Pb9011/37 Pd7012/37 Pd7012r Pd7016/37 Pd9012/17 Pd9012/37 Pd9012m/37 Pd9012p/17 Pd9016/37 Pet1030 Pet702 Pet706 Pet708 Pet710 Pet723 Pet726 Pet729/37 Pet7402/37 Pet741 Pet741m/37 Pet7422 Pet749/37 Pet824 Pet9402/37 Pet941 Pet941b/37 Pet9422 Pvd700/37 Pvd900/37; Pet9042/37b Pet941a Pet941d/37 ; Dcp852/37 Dcp855 ; Pb9001/37 Pb9011/37 Pd700/37 Pd700/37b Pd7012/37 Pd7016/07 Pd703 Pd703/37 Pd9000/37 Pd9003 Pd9012 Pd9016/37 Pd9030/37 ; Pt902/37 ; Pvd900 ; Ly02 Ly-02 Ay4128 Ay4133 Ay4197 Ay4198 996510021372 ASUC12A-090080 AY5808/37 CRP268 and others
Features : Our DVD charger is made to the specific length tested by professionals to give you a continuous charge without power interruption. Competitor s longer length can create power interruptions while DVD player is in-use. *Dual splits make it easy to charge both screens at the same time. We use only high quality materials. Our chargers manufactured with the highest quality materials and include multiple smart features safeguarding against IV - incorrect voltage, SC - short circuit, IO - internal overheating. CE/FCC/RoHS certified. *Compatible with Philips Portable Dvd Players (please, see the list below). *Products trademarked American Adapter® are marketed and sold exclusively by American Adapter.

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