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Penray 105032 Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner - 32-Ounce Bottle

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Penray 105032 Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner - 32-Ounce Bottle

Penray 105032 Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner - 32-Ounce Bottle dissolves and disperses Asphaltenes (black fuel). It is a great year round cleaner that enhances the overall performance of fuel. It both cleans and unplugs injectors while improving lubricity. It can prevent fuel system corrosion and improve power. It is engineered to attack extreme cases of dirt, grime, and sludge to prevent fuel filter and injector plugging. It contains extra solvents and detergents to help disperse water. It restores Cetane and is compatible with bio-diesel blends. It is biodiesel and ULSD compliant. The Penray brand of products is engineered for use by professional automotive maintenance and repair technicians. Our superior product line helps to improve gas mileage, extend engine life and improve overall performance with the consumer in mind. Technicians rely on Penray Professional Service Kits for fuel injection cleaning, power steering flush, transmission flush and other maintenance services. Penrays broad line covers fuel additives, oil additives, maintenance products, service items and winter products. For over 65 years Penray has manufactured quality chemical products with innovative chemistry focused on automotive, heavy duty and marine applications. Each of our products is specifically engineered to help keep your vehicle performing at its very best.

Features of Penray 105032 Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner - 32-Ounce Bottle

cleans and Helps Prevent Fuel Filter and Injector Plugging Formulated to Dissolve and Disperse Asphaltenes (Black Fuel) Helps Improve Lubricity and Prevent corrosion Attacks Extreme cases of Dirt, grime and Sludge Biodiesel compatible and ULSD (Ultra-Low-Sulfur Diesel) compliant

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