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Viair 35030 350C Air Compressor Kit

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Viair 35030 350C Air Compressor Kit

Viair s 35030 350C Air Compressor Kit is built around their powerful 350C model air compressor. Rated at 150 PSI, the 350C provides the solid foundation that users need to build out their air compression systems the way that they want it. The 350C features an oil-less, no maintenance design, with a gearless direct drive permanent magnetic motor, heavy duty PTFE piston ring and precision and high speed durable bearings for increased piston and motor life. Additional parts provided with the kit include: mounting hardware, heavy duty mounting feet with vibration isolators, freeze-resistant wiring, remote mount air filter assembly, air line for remote mounting air filter, heavy duty terminals (spade connector, ring terminal) and more.

150 PSI at a Low 17 Amp Draw
The VIAIR 350C model air compressor is rated to 150 PSI maximum working pressure with 100% duty cycle, meaning that the unit is able to be operated constantly in a 100 PSI, 72 degree Fahrenheit environment. Features include a permanent magnetic motor with a max power draw of 17 Amps, a light weight of 8 lbs and a standard ¼ NPT stainless steel braided leader hose with inline check valve and insulated wiring for simple installation.

Powerful air compression at a low Amp draw.
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Configurable for different uses, and easy to add system components.
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350C Air Compressor Specifications
  • Motor voltage - 12 volt
  • Motor type - Permanent magnetic
  • Max. duty cycle: 100% @ 100 PSI
  • Max. working pressure - 150 PSI
  • Max. Amp draw - 17 Amps
  • Max. ambient temperature - 158°F
  • Min. ambient temperature - -40°F
  • CFM @ 0 PSI - 1.48
  • CFM @ 100 PSI - 0.81
  • Dimensions - 9.00 L x 4.00 W x 7.00 H
  • Net weight - 8.0 lbs
About Compressor Duty Cycle
Compressor duty cycle refers to amount of time a compressor can be operated in a given time period, at 100 PSI and at a standard ambient temperature of 72°F. Duty Cycle is commonly expressed in percentile as: compressor on time (compressor on time + off time) %. As an example, a compressor that is rated for 25% duty cycle means that compressor can be operated at: 100 PSI @ 72°F for 10 minutes on and 30 minutes off. 10 min. on / (10 min. on + 30 Min. off) = 10 min. / 40 Min = 25% duty cycle.

1-Year Limited Warranty
VIAIR Corporation warrants this product, when properly installed and under normal conditions of use, to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year from its original date of purchase. This warranty covers product defects only. It does not cover incidental or consequential damages as a result of misuse or abuse.

Fill Rates:

2.5 Gallon Tank
5.0 Gallon Tank
0 - 105 PSI
2 min. 53 Sec.
5 min. 36 sec.
85 - 105 PSI
40 sec.
1 min. 12 sec.
0 - 145 PSI
4 min. 27 sec.
8 min. 41 sec.
110 - 145 PSI
1 min. 23 sec.
2 min. 42 sec.

What s in the Box
VIAIR 350C air compressor, mounting hardware (nuts, bolts, washers, locking washers), heavy duty mounting feet with vibration isolators, freeze-resistant wiring, remote mount air filter assembly (two spare elements), air line for remote mounting air filter, remote mount air filter fittings (2), heavy duty terminals (spade connector, ring terminal), check valve pre-installed in stainless steel braided leader hose, owner s manual.

Recommended Component Parts

  • Illuminated dash panel gauge (P/N 20062)
  • Tank port fittings kit (P/N 90005)
  • Locker fittings kit (P/N 90006)
  • Air source relocation kit (P/N 90007)
  • Pressure switch, 90/120 PSI (P/N 90100)
  • Pressure switch, 90/105 PSI (P/N 90101)
  • Pressure switch, 110/145 PSI (P/N 90102)
  • Pressure switch with relay, 85/105 PSI (P/N 90110)
  • Pressure switch with relay, 110/150 PSI (P/N 90111)
  • Pressure switch with relay, 85/105 PSI (P/N 90113)
  • HD sealed pressure switch, 110/145 PSI (P/N 90217)
  • HD sealed pressure switch, 90/120 PSI (P/N 90223)
  • 40-amp relay (P/N 93940)
  • 0.5 gallon air tank, 90/120 PSI (P/N 91005)
  • 1.0 gallon air tank (P/N 91014)
  • 2.0 gallon air tank (P/N 91020)
  • 2.5 gallon air tank (P/N 91025)
  • 5.0 gallon air tank (P/N 91050)
  • Inline pressure regulator (P/N 90150)
  • Compressor mounting bracket (P/N 95901)
About VIAIR Corporation
VIAIR offers the most complete line of air compressors and air accessories for both the on-and off-road markets available anywhere. VIAIR products are used in the OEM segment, 4x4 and Sport Air Suspension and have become the industry standard for both 12- and 24-volt automotive applications worldwide. Their compressors are currently being used in every corner of the globe, in the harshest climates imaginable and the company is recognized by its customers and peers alike as the leading manufacturer of high performance air compressors for mobile pneumatic applications.

Features : 12 VOLT - 150PSI Max Working Pressure, engine must be running during use. *1.17 CFM Free Flow @ 0 PSI *Hardmount unit with mounting feet and four screw positions, includes vibration isolators and hardware. *100 percent duty cycle @ 100 PSI and 72 degrees F ambient Temp. *Can be used to inflate helper bags for load leveling, inflate four tires up to 32 inches in diameter or use with heavy duty air horns.
Product dimensions : L:9 X W:12 X H:7
Product weight : 9.5 Hundredths Pounds

Specifications of Viair 35030 350C Air Compressor Kit

Brand Name VIAIR

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