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Febi Bilstein 40722 Radiator Cap For Coolant Expansion Tank, Pack Of One, Blue

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Febi Bilstein 40722 Radiator Cap For Coolant Expansion Tank, Pack Of One, Blue

Febi Bilstein is one of the worldAs leading manufacturers and suppliers of vehicle spare parts in the independent aftermarket They produce a vast range of aftermarket automotive parts including: braking, electronic, engine, service, steering, suspension and transmission components

Features of Febi Bilstein 40722 Radiator Cap For Coolant Expansion Tank, Pack Of One, Blue

Original febi bilstein spare part - Solutions AMade in germany Please use the vehicle identification at the top of the page to confirm compatibility with your vehicle All restrictions must be observed Height or Thickness: 32 mm Outer Diameter: 87 mm colour: blue Opening Pressure: 1,5 Bar Weight: 0,064 kg OE numbers (for comparison purposes only): Audi 3B0 121 321 Porsche 958 106 447 00 Seat 3B0 121 321 Skoda 3B0 121 321 VW 3B0 121 321 among others suitable for: Audi: A1 (8X), A1 quattro (8X), A3 (8P), A3 (8V), A3 quattro (8P), A4 (8E), A4 (8H), A4 (8K), A4 quattro (8E), A4 quattro (8H), A4 quattro (8K), A5 (8F), A5 (8T), A5 quattro (8F), A5 quattro (8T), A6 (4g), A6 quattro (4g), A7 (4g), A7 quattro (4g), Q3 quattro (8U), Q5 (8R), Q5 quattro (8R), RS3 quattro (8P), RS4 quattro (8E), RS4 quattro (8H), RS6 quattro (4g), RS7 quattro (4g), S3 quattro (8P), S4 quattro (8E), S4 quattro (8H), S4 quattro (8K), S5 quattro (8F), S5 quattro (8T), S6 quattro (4g), S7 quattro (4g), SQ5 quattro (8R), TT coupe (8J), TT coupe (8N), TT coupe quattro (8J), TT coupe quattro (8N), TT Roadster (8J), TT Roadster (8N), TT Roadster quattro (8J), TT Roadster quattro (8N), TTRS coupe quattro (8J), TTRS Roadster quattro (8J), TTS coupe quattro (8J), TTS Roadster quattro (8J) Seat: Altea (5P), Altea Freetrack 4x4 (5P), Altea XL 4x4 (5P), cordoba (6K), cordoba (6L), Exeo (3R), Ibiza III (6K), Ibiza IV (6L), Ibiza V (6J), Leon (1M), Leon (1P), Leon (5F), Leon 4x4 (1M), Toledo II (1M), Toledo III (5P), Toledo IV (Kg) Skoda: Fabia I (6Y), Fabia II (54), Fabia II (58), Laura (1Z), Octavia I (1U), Octavia I 4x4 (1U), Octavia II (1Z), Octavia II 4x4 (1Z), Octavia III (5E), Octavia III (NL), Octavia III (NR), Rapid (NA), Rapid (NH), Roomster (5J), Superb I (3U), Superb II (3T), Superb II 4x4 (3T), Yeti (5L), Yeti 4x4 (5L) VW: Amarok (2H), Amarok (S1), Amarok 4motion (2H), Amarok 4motion (S1), Ameo (63), Beetle (5c), Bora (1J), Bora (1K), Bora (9M), cc (35), cc 4motion (35), caddy 3 (2c), caddy 3 (2K), caddy 3 4motion (2K), caddy 4 (SA), clasico (9M), crafter 30 (2E), crafter 30 (2F), crafter 35 (2E), crafter 35 (2F), crafter 35 4motion (2E), crafter 35 4motion (2F), crafter 50 (2E), crafter 50 (2F), crossfox (5Z), crossgolf (5M), crosspolo 4 (9N), crosspolo 5 (6R), crosstouran 1 (1T), Eos (1F), Fox (5Z), gol 3 (5U), golf 4 (1J), golf 4 (9B), golf 5 (1K), golf 5 (5M), golf 5 4motion (1K), golf 5 Variant (1K), golf 5 Variant 4moti

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