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Dream Apparel Motorcycle Bell With Hanger For Biker, Good Luck Biker Bells Motorcycle Accessories, Keychain Luck Bell

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Dream Apparel Motorcycle Bell With Hanger For Biker, Good Luck Biker Bells Motorcycle Accessories, Keychain Luck Bell

Fine workmanship & good quality] The workmanship of the bell is very exquisite, unique 3D design, using high-quality magnesium alloy materials, integrating design and creativity, and has been repeatedly polished by craftsmen to finalize the final version The bells are of very good quality, sturdy and wear-resistant, chic style, attention to detail, which is our painstaking work The detachable metal ring buckle is very simple and convenient Meaningful] The bell represents a riding culture and is a good luck charm for the motorcyclist, similar to the patron saint of travelers Attach it to the lowest part of the frame Some pixies lurk on the road for mischief, they are immediately caught when they touch the low-hanging bell The sound of the bell will also drive away the pixies Motorcycle bell means guardian of safety and happiness, rich in mystery If you receive one as a gift from a friend, the magic will be doubled gift idea] choose a good gift to make each other happy The final process of each bell is hand-polished by the craftsman and infused with blessings Such a gift full of creative design and auspicious symbolism will not fall into clichAs Show full of sincerity and blessings, both romantic and practical, suitable for all kinds of holidays or birthdays as a gift to the people you care about, I think any biker & motorcycle enthusiasts will be happy to receive this gift Size] We have designed many shapes, each safety bell is slightly different in size and weight, the styles are all innovative and unique The motorcycle bell is 118 inch in diameter, 177 inch in height, and the clasp is 118 inch in diameter The weight of the bell is about 018 lb YouAll receive a delicate bell, a black hanger, a motorcycle bell legend note card, and a 275 x 362 velvet drawstring black bag Various exquisite patterns are available according to your personal preferences Multiple uses] Bells can be used for many purposes, they can not only be hung on various types of motorcycles, they can also be used as keychains, or hung on your bag or case Bless you with safe travels and a crisp bell sound to accompany you, Have a personalized charm bell like this to accompany you on your adventures anytime, anywhere Buy one for yourself and your familyfriends for good luck

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