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Bougerv Pwm Solar Charge Controller (20A Pwm)

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Model: 20A PWM Negative
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Bougerv Pwm Solar Charge Controller (20A Pwm)

BougeRV PWM Solar charge controller Negative ground

Features of Bougerv Pwm Solar Charge Controller (20A Pwm)

EASY-READ BAcKLIT DISPLAY: To check the PV status and the Battery status easily, the 20A solar panel regulator will cycle the PV input current and the battery voltage on the main interface with real-time value every 3 seconds, also has color code icons With a larger screen and 50% brightness in no operation, the solar charge controller is easy to read in dim light Allows you to see exactly what the controller was doing and how much power is being drawn in from the panel(s) Li cOMPATIBILITY: Not only compatible with traditional battery, the PWM controller also has clear and special icons for various Lithium batteries on the LcD screen, such as LFP for LiFePO4, Li for Ternary lithium battery, LTO for Lithium-Titanium-Oxide With setting to Li battery type, this solar charge controller also has a function to jumpstart your lithium battery in case it gets overly discharged Dont need to buy a new controller for the upgraded Lithium-ion batteries BATTERY cOMPATIBILITY AND MAINTENANcE: compatible with various 12v or 24v batteries, such as SLD, FLD, gEL, AgM, SLA, LiFePO4, ternary lithium battery and LTO battery Including the ability to program the solar charge controller for best charging and maintenance of various battery types The solar panel regulator is dependable to be your battery maintainer SOLAR PANEL REgULATOR: Max PV input voltage 55 volts, while most controller can only handle 50 volts PV input This solar panel regulator can handle 300 watts input for 12 volts battery system, 600 watts input for 24 volts system The Max PV input voltage is higher than most controller, which can produce more power as well NEAT AND SAFE WIRINg: come with 3 pairs of spade terminals, it is easy to grip the wires more firmly and make a neat wiring Please note that turn the screwdriver counterclockwise first, in order to open up the wire clamp holes hook up the battery first, positive wire, then negative wire After that, connect the controller to the solar panel, please note that do not disconnect the battery when the solar panels are active

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